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Resilient routing using routing protocol

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  • Resilient routing using routing protocol

    Hi Guys,

    I am working in an envroment where we have 4 buildings. 1 of the buildings as a break out to our mpls network. This building is the centre of a hub and spoke setup.

    My plan is to put a break out to the mpls network into another of the buildings for resilience. I then want to give each building 2 links 1 to each building that has a breakout. I then want to setup the routing so in the event of a failure we can still route to the other building and break out.

    I think the easiest way to do this may be to use a routing protocol, I would be really interested. I have put a diagram in with this message,

    I wonder if BGP is an option?
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    Re: Resilient routing using routing protocol

    BGP is not meant for routing between the building.

    BGP is prefreed to use in ISP end .BGP is meant for routing between two diffrent AS or u can say two different region .

    The best protocol for this scenarion is OSPF.

    Let me know if u require configuration for the same