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Advice on routing

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  • Advice on routing

    I would like to know if this is possible

    i run 2 seperate firewalls in my head office, one is used for vpn access for remote offices and the other is used for web and email traffic

    vpn FW
    web etc FW

    head office is
    remote office 1 is
    remote office 2 is

    more offices will be added shortly

    at the moment my servers are configured with DG of and clients are configured with via dhcp

    I have an old cisco router that is not used anymore and I was wondering if i could use this to route traffic so that all servers and clients on my network have the same DG, eg

    I thought I could add static routes so that anything for remote offices would go to and everything else would go to

    as I am not in the office at the moment I cannot remember the model of router, 2600 or 2900, it is around 6 years old, it has one nic installed

    I think this would simplify my network

    I have read something about policy based rules that I might be able to use, but thought static routes would be better

    I may be way of the mark with this but hopefully not

    thank you in advance

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    Re: Advice on routing

    Interesting, I would like to know the answer too.

    I am sure someone knows what you need.

    Good luck,


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      Re: Advice on routing

      I can't really follow you.
      Can you make a simple drawing what you currently have?
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