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Easy Vpn Server setup?! help?!

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  • Easy Vpn Server setup?! help?!

    Hi All,

    i currently have load balancing between two ISPs with tracking done on both sides on a cisco router 2811

    my issue is as such:

    One ISP is a microwave link with a subnet of public IPs
    second ISP is a 2 mb HDSL plan

    my default route is set to the microwave link as it's the only one which had Public ips..
    that situation changed at the moment, i've replaced the second ISP (hdsl) with another microwave link which provides a better redundancy plan..
    now this newly acquired ISP provided me with a subnet of public ips..
    i've managed to set it all up to work flawlessly but the thing is i'm having trouble setting up vpn over it..
    the needed vpn is an easy vpn server (it's already setup on the first ISP) where users may connect to the office from their homes using cisco vpn..

    as im not familiar with setting up VPN. i relied on SDM instead of the CLI
    but after finishing up..
    i tested it and it didnt work!

    any advice?! or tutorial on how i might proceed..

    thanks in advance and best regards,