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    I have a site that has a cable broadband connection coming int a pix after the pix there is also a ppp T1 to another site down the street with a 1721 running the 12.3(6) ios. now at the second site they have installed another cable connection and are wanting to use it as a backup. now the problem is right no i believe dhcp may be coming from the pix and or a 2003 server at the main site. so what I am wanting to do is possibly use the second cable connection as not only a backup but also route intenet traffic over it to take stress off the T1. so my problem is how do i do the backup, can I use gre tunnels on this ios and if so i could use eigrp to handle the failover. also though how could i account for the nat problem and dhcp for the second site. if the second site gets its address from the router will it be able to connect to the domain. any ways as you can see i need help.

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    Re: T1 backup sugestions

    If you only want internet to go out the "backup" connection, why don't you just replace the route that points to your ppp w/ one that points to the new connection? Make sure you have routes for all subnets that reside at the first site that point to the ppp.

    This would take all internet traffic off the T1.

    You may have to add ip nat statements to the 1721 as well.
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