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Strange ARP problem on device

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  • Strange ARP problem on device

    Hi all. We are running a VOIP setup on a 3845 router with a stack of 3750's. We have 2 Call Manager (CCM) Servers. We have two Virtual Gateway (VG) devices that we use to translate analog ports into the digital system. The VG's have a basic Cisco IOS loaded.

    Here's my problem. About once an hour, VG2 loses its connection with Call Manager. During this time, all ports are in the rejected status and VG2 cannot even ping CCM1 or CCM2, but it can ping everything else on the network.

    I look at the ARP table on the VG, and the age is 20+ minutes. If I do a 'clear arp' command, it resends the broadcast and it connects, then loses it again about an hour later. I ran an arp debug and it looks like at some point the CCM servers just stop sending keepalives, so the arp entry ages to a point to where it times out. Anyone have any experience with this? VG1 and VG2 have identical configs, but only VG2 is having the problem. Could this be physical?

    Thanks for the help,