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PIX 501 routing problem

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  • PIX 501 routing problem

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to create a VPN from my PIX 501 to Juniper 5gt. The vpn part, from what I understand, looks easy enough. My real problem is the routing between them.
    I'm using an XP box to simulate my internet. It has 2 NICs and routing has been enabled in the system registry.

    background info:

    Juniper Side:
    Inside IP:
    Outside IP:

    Juniper side: 10.0.01/29
    Cisco Side:

    Cisco Side
    Client :
    Inside IP:
    Outside IP:

    Now I've added a route to the Cisco:
    address: gateway:

    I've also allowed ICMP and TCP/IP on the cisco using default routes

    That has allowed me to be able to ping (obviously) and but not

    On the Juniper side, i've added a source route:
    address: gateway

    default policies remain on the juniper (any-any)

    That has allowed the juniper client to ping AND

    __________________________________________________ __

    The thing that really bugs me is that the "internet" can ping both untrusted IPs of the cisco and Juniper. (So i know its not a issue with not allowing ping on each device ). I can even remote desktop to the "internet" but just can't seem to reach

    If you need more information to help don't forget to ask. Thanks. I really appreciate it.
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