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Rapid Spanning-Tree protocol

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  • Rapid Spanning-Tree protocol

    First time here, so I am hoping someone can point me in right direction.

    My switches aren't Cisco branded, but they are Dell 3548's which run Cisco CLI. I have been trying to wrap my head around this Rapid Spanning-tree protocol and cant seem to get it 100%. My setup is:

    Dell 6024 (Vlans for 4 subnets)
    2xDell 3548's

    I have enabled RSTP on both 3548's. Now do those two switches need to be connected with a crossover cable?

    Essentially I want to run two cables from the 6024 to each of the 3548's. My servers have a LAGed connection and each 1 of two cables that are LAGed are plugged into one of the 3548's for failover reasons. So the question is will 6024 know if one of the switches are down on its own without the 3548's connected together? Or do they need to be connected for this to work?

    Thanks in advance.