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cisco 2950

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  • cisco 2950

    hi all
    i am new to this port mirroring thing. i just wanted to know wat is
    the first step in port mirroring as in does 2950, which is a managable
    switch, requires vlan concept before doing port mirroring?

    i used these commands :
    monitor session 1 source interface fa 0/1
    monitor session 1 destination interface fa 0/2

    now theoretically all the incomming & outgoing traffic of port 1 is
    directed to port 2. How can i see those incomming and outging packets? do i need any software for that like cisco network assistant? or the above 2 command are enough for that?

    ive used this command:
    show int fa 0/2

    but it gave me some general information. I want to see all the traffic
    not the summary.
    Secondly how can i assemble packets from that info?

    P.S : im using 2950 switch

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    Re: cisco 2950

    There are probably other programs available to capture packets on a mirrored port, but I have always used "WireShark" (AKA ethereal). Once installed on laptop or PC, plug the device into port F0/2 (in your case) and start wireshark to capture all packets seen on this port. Once you obtain a capture, you can view all the packets one by one, apply filtering or even my favorite "follow tcp stream"