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Cisco 878

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  • Cisco 878


    I am installing a Cisco 878 on a sdsl line and the CD light is not comming on. and the ATM0.1 is down. Called BT out to check the line and they put a router out the box on the line and the sync light came on.

    I tested the cable with thier router and got a sync light so I know the cable is working and the engineer sugested we have a filter on the line eventhough there is no voice on the line but he said the "white noise" could be a problem.

    this is my first Cisco 878 sdsl line install but not my first sdsl install so I am thinking there is something I am missing in the config of the cisco. I am using SDM express then telnetting into the router to reload the config and to save it

    any help would be great