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Help with Cisco Switch bought on craigslist

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  • Help with Cisco Switch bought on craigslist

    First of all sorry for the post in the wrong category.

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to initialize a used switch I bought from someone on Craigslist.
    I ran a network scanner to find a ip address but I couldn't see any IP found.
    What I've been trying to do is the instruction from CIsco web site.

    However, I have no luck to find any IP address,
    If I get a console cable, do I still need to know IP address?
    I'm using Win server 2003 to use Hyper Terminal because Vista won't support HyperTerminal.

    Please give me some tips, I cannot practice any CCNA labs, and exam date is coming soon.

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    Re: Help with Cisco Switch bought on craigslist

    First off, do not hijack threads as this is against the forum rules.
    I have broken your post off into a new thread.

    Here are two great sources of help with Cisco switches for new user:
    1., on the right hand side, has 9 free Cisco CCNA Switch training videos that I am sure will help you.

    2. These Petri Cisco Knowledgebase articles I wrote will help - Cisco Switch Administration part 1 & 2
    David Davis - Petri Forums Moderator & Video Training Author
    Train Signal - The Global Leader in IT Video Training - Free IT Training Products
    Personal Websites: &