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  • Wlc2106

    Hi guys.

    I got a wlc2106 (v5.0.148.0) and 3 lwwaps that I want to set up and I'm quite lost on how to do this. hope you guys are familiar with this. I know my CLI so don't be afraid to give me cli commands and suggestion if you have.

    This is what we have in our environment:

    Our whole LAN runs on a (yeah, I know)

    1 Domain controller with DNS, AD, DHCP

    DHCP scope - -
    DNS IP : (WINS is the same IP)
    AD IP :

    I really know, this has not any structure in it and I kinda took over this job from another it admin. I will in the future try to put it in a new LAN and VLANS and such. But for now I dont have the time or authority to do so

    This is want I want to accomplish from our WLC and LWWAPs.

    1. The primary WLAN have their own internal DHCP server which they assign to their clients, i.e -

    2. A secondary WLAN (Guest_WLAN) which also has its own DHCP server and assigns a different range of IPs to guest clients, i.e -

    3. Guest WLAN should have Web auth so that when they connect to the guestnet it should ask for username and password when you try to connect to a site. I am open for other suggestions on how to solve this

    4. Primary should be secured with WPA2 or higher, or other higher security. Maybe some kind of 802.1x. Please give suggestions here

    Guest WLAN and primary WLAN should be totally seperated and so that they cannot see each other.

    I'll happily give out my config if you guys are interested, which I hope, and maybe you have some insight in what I can do to optimize my WLAN.

    Hope you have the time and patience to help me out here. Any pointers or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    There more simple the better IMO.

    Thanks guys