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Site to Site tunnel? advice?

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  • Site to Site tunnel? advice?

    Hi all,

    am currently using VOIP as my primary phone communication.
    needless to say Latency is of essence..
    after trying out a number of ISPs latency is yet to reach my satisfaction level..

    on the other hand i do have a few servers (linux based) and a cisco router in another country with a near perfect latency...

    am using a cisco router 2811 around here..
    is there a way to open a tunnel from my router to one of those remote destinations (linux based whether its GRE or anything else) or any other way to do so..
    so i direct my VOIP route through tht tunnel, hence having the least latency possible ?

    any advice would be appreciated
    thank you in advance..

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    Re: Site to Site tunnel? advice?

    You can do, but I do not think this will help your latency issue, since there would be latency from your server to your location anyway. Chances are you have a VOIP provider in a physically distant location from where you are.
    Instead I would prioritize your traffic and give VOIP the highest priority.
    (Based on MAC, Port, Protocol, whatever....)
    IF all your ISP's themselves have poor QOS, you all SOL.
    "...if I turn out to be particularly clear, you've probably misunderstood what I've said” - Alan Greenspan


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      Re: Site to Site tunnel? advice?

      Near perfect latency? To what destination?

      If you run easy vpn on your router, and connect to it via the linux servers, you can achieve what your going for. However, IPSEC more than doubles the size of a voice packet so this may not be an effective solution. How will this help you in the end? Are you looking to find a VoIP provider closer to the server's location?

      Have you tried CallCentric? I use them because they have free CallCentric to CallCentric, and I can do alot of testing to a friend who has the same setup as me. It worked like a dream going from Japan to Korea, and he recently moved back to the states, so I'll test it out from Japan to the states to see if latency is an issue going halfway around the globe.