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Network Problem - GLBP and Stuff..

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  • Network Problem - GLBP and Stuff..

    Hi all,

    In our network we implemented GLBP and ACL's on 2 same cores which directly connect between them.

    The problems begins when we connect a single server to a single core
    instead of connect it to a switch that connects to each one of them .

    The sympthoms shows that when the clients gets a mac of the core which is directly connect to the server , it gets a ping reply.
    otherwise , it doesnt replay.

    The acl's implemented the same on both cores.

    Important to say that the problem does not occuer when the server connects to a switch that connect to both cores.

    We solved the problem by insterting a line "permit icmp any any" in the ACL of the core that doesnt directly connected the server.
    but it doesnt make any sense!

    someone knows what can be the problem ?
    maybe an ip redirecting from on core to another ?
    does it related to the glbp ?

    one more thing,
    Everything work with layer 3 - interface vlan's.
    the other switches are transperments on the network (everything pass through the cores)

    i would be glad to any help.

    thnx (:.
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