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Cisco QoS in one to many topology

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  • Cisco QoS in one to many topology

    I have an any-2-any WAN network comprised of a Cisco 3845 in the data center hooked up to a 30meg DS3 (not a full DS3) and nearly 20 remote sites that are all 2811 routers with either 1.5 meg T1 lines, or two 1.5 meg T1 lines.

    We have deployed minimal QoS so that we are marking traffic in a manner that prioritizes it on our providers network. We are using class-based Cisco QoS and setting DSCP values. We run voice (TDMoIP) and data over the WAN pipes, PQing and reservice between 300 and 500 K for voice, leaving the rest for data.

    We are seeing cases where traffic going from the data center ( and across the DS3) to a given remote site leaves the data center at greater speeds/capacity than the remote site is equipment to handle.

    How should we get a handle on this issue? I have asked several sources and nobody seems to have a good idea. I took a QoS class and it was mentioned that traffic shaping is a possibility, but that it would need to be used with nested class-based QoS.

    Anyone have any thoughts and/or suggestions?