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RFC - Choosing a Remote Access Solution for Clients with Dynamic IPs

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  • RFC - Choosing a Remote Access Solution for Clients with Dynamic IPs


    A couple of clients are finally considering using remote access to improve their services and permit their staff to work from home.
    There will be a few who may use Mobile DSL connections. Nearly all of these will be with Dynamic IP's.
    These two firms are of modest size (12 - 45 users, of which only about 5 users may be interested in and authorized to use this type of access)

    I would like to hear the advice and opinions of other members in this forum considering the various types of VPN which could be employed for this purpose.
    (As usual factors like : modest costs, performance and ease of deployment and use are of course important)

    In both cases the users will need to have remote control of their PCs due to local management SW.

    One of the Routers is a simple 877 with Advanced IP Services.
    The other might well be of the same type.
    Nowadays many networking admins seem to vouch for Web SSL solutions due to flexibility, others still prefer IPSEC
    (eg: with perhaps pre-shared keys and/or Certificates from Internal Domain Servers) and others use special VPN front ends.
    There is also the question of the type of User Authentication, whether it is executed by the Router or at the End Point (which could be at times a Server behind the router) and so on.

    I would be also interested in hearing about experiences of those who have used Smart Cards/PenDrives for primary authentication of the Link
    and using the router as a primary filter before even getting through to the Domain Controller.

    Any suggestions, criticism or links to possible solutions/setups/configs (with explanations) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    [PS : I did note the interesting]