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  • cisco controller 4404

    Hi excuse me,

    But i have questions about the CISCO 4400 in fact i work to deploy this solution in an hospital. We have 75 light acces point ( 1131AG) 8 switch POE and 2X cisco controller 4404 i need help because i m not sure to configure them... I have read we can put 25 AP by port and we have 4 ports... but the controller will be i a local alone with an other controler in other local like that :

    As you can see the two locals are connect with fiber optic. Can i connect the 4 ports of master controller in RGI to control the 75 AP can i connect the 4 ports in SR18 for the slave controller ? How can i see how many AP is connect on this port or other port ? The controller can administer alone this or this AP are connect in this or this port to optmise the bandwith on port 1 2 3 or 4 ? We haven't vlan all AP are in the same network the Link aggregation (LAG) is a good idea ?

    many thanks for your answers... and sorry for my english.

    Clement Defrance