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  • Cisco 831 Setup Help

    Hey guys, I have a Cisco 831 router, wired. The problem is when I hook 2 computers up to the router (I'm running my net connection in, and one ethernet cable out to the desktop, the other ethernet cable out to the laptop) I'm trying to get internet on both systems. Well, the router sets the IP address on the 2nd system identical to the first, so I'm given an "IP Conflict" message. Im having a helluva time with this, I'm not familiar with Cisco at all, and can't figure out how to access setup, or anything. Any help here would be great. I'm not computer illiterate, I actually majored in computer science in college, didn't quite finish, but I'm pretty good with directions and explanations, anyone give me a hand thru AIM or yahoo messenger possibly? I'm checking here for reply posts as well. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cisco 831 Setup Help

    Do you by chance know what the console username and password are for your router? Seeing the configuration is the first step. There are some other options like factory default it, or boot from ROMON but it may not need to come ot that.


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      Re: Cisco 831 Setup Help

      Yes, seeing the current config is first place to start. You may want to config DHCP on the router, this way the two machines will get non-conflicting IP addresses.


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        Re: Cisco 831 Setup Help

        Is it assigning real IP's or private IPs?

        Here's my dhcp config:

        ip dhcp pool KORNNET
           import all
           lease 0 6
        actually the lease and domain-name commands are not needed.

        Coming from cisco, are these things are configured for NAT overload?