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Cisco Router Faliure Prevention?

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  • Cisco Router Faliure Prevention?

    Failure of a remote cisco router would prevent network traffic from working on a network, obviously!!

    What key features can anyone suggest that an enterprise router(s) could have implemented to minimise failure?
    Are there any good hardware things like UPS systems designed for Cisco or anything else? I am new to cisco stuff and would like to get something which will ensure my network is safe.

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    Re: Cisco Router Faliure Prevention?

    It isn't my speciality but a normal UPS could at least keep things running for a while, I don't know of specific ones that can communicate with a router but also can't imagine why it would be helpful either. There are routing protocols you can use to keep routes open should one fail so you have redundant paths to locations.
    It might be helpful to explain the background to your network etc. Is the equipment that is using the router protected etc?

    It would also be good to remember you posted on a Thursday evening (for the UK for example) and Jerusalem was 23:40 so this only left Friday before the weekend for people to comment. Not having a go, just wanted to make sure you understood my comment on your double post.

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