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Vlans between Cisco 3550XL (L2) and Cisco 2948G-GE-TX (L3)

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  • Vlans between Cisco 3550XL (L2) and Cisco 2948G-GE-TX (L3)

    Hi all

    I have 7 x 3550 switches and 1 x 2948g switch which are then connected to netscreen 50. I have set up one of the 3550G as the VTP server and have created the vlans and trunks to all switches and everything works as expected and all updating okay.

    The problem is that the PC gets an ip address from my server from a pool that relates to the vlan which is all good.

    I cannot ping anything from this PC, but I can ping the PC address and the gateway from all of the switches bar the 2948 which only pings the gateway. The only thing I am unsure of is that the L3 switch is routing correctly.

    I am thinking that this is a routing issue but have sort of run out of ideas.

    Please can anyone help?