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Can I use WEP and WPA at the same time on one AP

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  • Can I use WEP and WPA at the same time on one AP

    We have a client that currently has Cisco 1242 AP installed.

    Is it possible to use two VLANs on the same AP, one with WEP and the second one with WPA?

    They have Cisco switches in place.

    No devices on the WEP will need to communicate with devices on the WPA.

    There are two sets of devices at each location. Each set includes one hand held barcode scanner and one mobile (handheld) printer.

    We are having them ship one set back to us. We set it up with the new OS (and software) and WPA-PSK. Once we ship it back and verify that it works on their network, they will ship the 2nd one back to us. Once all devices have been updated with new OS and WPA we will shut off the WEP.

    We just need both to work till we get all 650 sets updated. They are located all across the US, so we can't do all at once.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Can I use WEP and WPA at the same time on one AP

    I've never seen an AP that supports running 2 wireless networks at once, but then I've had little experienced with Cisco kit. Does the documentation for the device say anything about creating 2 networks? If not then I would suspect that it does not support that.
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