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    Hi all,
    I have a question that i would like some advice about. Currently i have a core network running 2 Cisco 6509's with supervisor cards in each. These are running HSRP and also one is running as the VTP server. They have CATOS (on the switch) and IOS on the router of the supervisor
    We are moving from an HSRP network to VSS. and again there will be 2 6509's with dual supervisor card but we will just be running Cisco IOS. Im going to be connecting the core switches and running HSRP between all of them and slowly moving the vlans across to the new VSS switch and then ulimately remove the HSRP switch from the core.
    My only question really is the VLANS that are configured between the switches. I understand how to configure etc but im not sure if i can create 2 seperate port-channels.. one for the layer 3 HSRP configuration and another one for the trunk... So can i do this between the HSRP network and VSS....
    Anyone please help...