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Super Cisco Access list question

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  • Super Cisco Access list question

    I was given this as a challange.

    Using the Diagram that is attached.

    Make ONE Access-list with a maximum of three lines. This list can only be applied to one interface and in only one direction. This list has to accomplish the following three objectives.

    1. You want to block Telnet traffic inbound to your network.
    2. You also want to prevent users on the inside from accessing the internet.
    3. You want to permit all other traffic.

    It is possible to do this however the person that asked me said that in 14 years of teaching all Cisco courses he has only had one person answer correctly.
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    Re: Super Cisco Access list question

    ACL on Router B INT F0/0 Incoming

    1. Permit IP any to the network between Router B and Router A
    2. Deny IP any any

    ????? I'm right