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Error al intentar levantar BGP en un 7600

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  • Error al intentar levantar BGP en un 7600

    Quise levantar un peer de BGP contra un cliente y nunca pasa al estado Established. La única diferencia con otros cliente que tengo levantado es que en este caso es contra un equipo Alcatel y en los que me funcnionan, son todos Cisco.

    El Router donde estoy configurando el un Cisco 7600.

    El error es:

    Oct 21 18:44:22.146: %BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: received from neighbor190.x.x.x active 2/7 (unsupported/disjoint capability) 3 bytes 830100

    Espero que me puedas ayudar.



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    Re: Error al intentar levantar BGP en un 7600

    Google Spanish to English (small edits):

    Error while trying to lift a BGP in 7600

    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

    I wanted to lift a peer of BGP against a client and never goes to the state Established. The only difference with other client that I have raised is that in this case is against a team Alcatel and where I funcnionan are all Cisco.

    The router where I am configuring a Cisco 7600.

    The error is:

    Oct 21 18:44:22.146:% BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: activate received from 2 / 7 (unsupported / disjoint capability) 3 bytes 830,100

    I hope that you can help me.

    Thank you



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