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design a college network with class-B (was:Some help please?!!)

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  • design a college network with class-B (was:Some help please?!!)

    Hello everyone;
    This is my first post.

    I need your help to resolve this problem:

    I need to design a college network with class-B IP address (ex: based on the following requirement/conditions:
    The network consists of following segments:
    1. 6 academic departments. Each department has:
    a. 3 Excellent unit
    b. 30 lecturers
    c. 25 RA/RO
    2. 3 management office as follows:
    a. 30 staff for undergraduate office
    b. 15 staff for postgraduate office
    c. 35 staff for human resource office
    3. 6 departments segments
    each department consists of 300 students/PCs.
    4. public access segment
    Consists of 5 servers: 2 mail server, 2 dns server, 1 ftp server
    5. 1 private server segment
    Consists of 5 servers: 5 applications servers.
    a. Private server segment only can be accessed by authorized management users only.
    b. Public access segment can be accessed by anyone.
    c. Student segment can only be accessed by internal users.
    d. Management & academic segment can only be accessed by members among them.

    I need to do the following:
    • Design IP address with subletting.
    • Design the network architecture using Packet Tracer.
    • Implement the ACL.
    Please any one can help me doing this task or may be give me some hints to do it.

    Thanx in advance
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    Re: Some help please?!!

    Download packet tracer 5 providing your a member of the Cisco academy and read the turorials that come with it. You can accomplish all you are querying from the packet tracer and build an entire virtual network as well as getting used to the IOS and the commands from a virtual interface. Other than that RTM!!!


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      Re: Some help please?!!

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        Re: design a college network with class-B (was:Some help please?!!)

        Thank you for reply.

        I am currently using the packet tracer and I know how to use it and I have knowlege on subnetting and other stuff.

        The only thing I need is your suggestions on how I can devide this network into segments. I mean, how many subnets and routers should I use? Which departments or offices should be separate and which should be merged? What should be the subnets and thier addresses?

        your suggestions will be very useful for me.