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Combining two networks-Need help

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  • Combining two networks-Need help

    I am about to combine two networks into one. To avoid any outage or confusion, I would like to check with you guys first.

    Router A: VLAN1

    Router B: VLAN428

    Router A is connected to port 22 of Router B via Layer 3 link ("no switchport")

    To extend the Router A VLAN 1 on Router B and get rid of 172.20.68.x completely, I am making port 22 of Router B as an accessport of VLAN1. This will make the link as layer 2 between two switches.

    Router B is connected to 172.20.x.x.(via another port) So my question is, if after the change, would both rotuer still be able to route traffic to 172.20.x.x network via Router B?

    Am a bit concern here, as with the current setup two switches are connected via layer 3 link but when I make accessport of that link, would that be enough still to route traffic to 172.20.x.x ?

    Thanks in advance