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CISCO 1811 Dual WAN Config - Help Required!

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  • CISCO 1811 Dual WAN Config - Help Required!

    Thanks for reading,
    We have just purchased a CISCO 1811 router and having no luck in configuring it. I started by using SDM to configure the router but quickly moved to telnet when SDM would not allow me to configure everything required.
    Right enough with the background, here is my issue: I have a Satellite service running on FE0 and a ADSL service running on FE1. The FE0 is set with a static IP address and the FE1 is PPPOE to a simple modem with no firewall or NAT. So FE1 is currently just being the Dialer0 to use PPPOE pass-through.

    What I am looking to do is have the Site-Site connection going over the Satellite service while pushing all the HTTP/HTTPs taffice through FE1. As most of you are aware Sat services carry high latency so I want Users browsing experiences to be quick while I am not so bothered about the Site-Site traffic which will be company based.

    I have managed to configure the FE0 & FE1 so that both are up and online. FE0 has no issues and currently everything is working over the Sat service. I need to find someway of telling the CISCO to route web taffice over the ADSL. I am not bothered with load balancing at present so there is no need to failover. However if anyof you are able to provide a solution with failover then all the better.

    Ok last but not least this is my running config from the box is attched in this post; I have *** some entries but if you require them please e-mail me direct.

    Hope I have given enough info. Any question please post back or e-mail me direct. If any of you CISCO experts out there read this I am sure this is a walk in the park for you! Thanks in advance!
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    Re: CISCO 1811 Dual WAN Config - Help Required!

    Hi PTSupport,

    If I understand you correctly you want to have all www traffic (http/https) to exit the interface for the ADSL link. You should be able to do this using route maps or A.K.A Policy based routing. You can create a map that basically say "match if traffic sourcing from here destine to port 80 or 443 exit this interface".

    This should help you to get started:



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      Re: CISCO 1811 Dual WAN Config - Help Required!

      Hi Ryan!

      Thanks for your post! I managed to work things out in the end with some help from a CISCO guy on another forum.

      Just to end this post here is what I was advised to setup:

      Change the following to allow for multi-interface NAT ...

      route-map SDM_RMAP_1 permit 1
      match ip address 101
      match interface FastEthernet0

      Add the following to enable NAT on ADSL ...

      route-map NAT4DSL permit 1
      match ip address 101
      match interface Dialer0

      ip nat inside source route-map NAT4DSL interface Dialer0 overload

      Add the following to steer web traffic out via ADSL

      access-list 110 permit tcp 192.168.***.0 any eq 80
      access-list 110 permit tcp 192.168.***.0 any eq 443

      route-map WWW2DSL permit 1
      match ip address 110
      set interface Dialer0

      interface VLAN1
      ip policy route-map WWW2DSL

      Hope this helps anyone else out there looking for the same kind of solution!