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QoS to splitter BW?

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  • QoS to splitter BW?

    i have group of real IP and Leasd Line 2MB so how can i splitter BW between Them.

    after some research i found i can do it in multi ways and one of them QoS

    Anyone Can guide me to do that?

    Router: Cisco 2811
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    Re: QoS to splitter BW?

    anyone can help me


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      Re: QoS to splitter BW?

      What exactly are you trying to achieve. What is "splitter BW" - do you mean "split bandwidth", as in load balancing?
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        Re: QoS to splitter BW?

        yes.. i meant Split Bandwidth;

        Senario: i have 3 real IP and i am going to design them as: one for VoIP (512 KB), the 2nd one for VPN (512) and last one for WebBrowsing(1024 MB)

        I am trying to configure router as shown in figure:

        ip access-list extended VoIP
        permit tcp any any range_VoIP

        class-map match-any VoIP
        match access-group name VoIP

        class-map match-any WebTraffic
        match protocol http
        match protocol https
        match protocol ftp

        policy-map QoS
        class VoIP
        priority percent 25
        class WebTraffic
        priority percent 50
        class class-default

        interface External-interface
        bandwidith 2048
        description Your WAN interface to internet with BW mgmt
        ip nbar protocol-discovery
        service-policy output QoS