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    Hello everyone

    I recently receive 4 switches AT-8000s/48 and i needed them to works as 2 so i said to myself i will STACK them.

    The first 2 i stacked them but after reading more i find that i didnt even stack them properly (It put them both as MASTER , one as backup) but they do WORK just fine(no utp cable between them and they work)

    This is how they look :

    WORK# show stack
    Unit MAC Address Software Master Uplink Downlink Status
    ---- ----------------- ---------- -------- --------- --------- -------
    1 00:15:77:98:fd:ab Enabled 2 link down master
    2 00:15:77:36:4a:40 Enabled link down 1 backup
    Topology is Chain

    Unit Unit Id After Reset
    ---- -------------------
    1 1
    2 2

    Ok , now on the toher 2 (same brands) i wanted to do the same but ,
    When i put the first as master i can conect with the HyperTerminal , i mean i get the user /password screen but if i set it as slave i cant get in the i always get the debug settings in witch point i cant to anything ....

    So i would like to know 2 things :

    1.Is there a FACTORY RESET option at AT (Not from the User interface ) but from the CLI .
    2.Where can i find a KB or something about stacking swithces , i search a lot and didnt find any ...the and the Manuals that i got with them are very vagly about it

    Thank you again