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Network design for a large office -shared router

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  • Network design for a large office -shared router

    Hi, I would appreciate some advise on this one!

    We are getting ownership of an office building , which will have a 100 Meg pipe to the outside world. There will be a maximum of 1000 users in the building, in total 5-10 companies.

    I normally do cisco stuff for small offices (250 users max), and I am unsure of the equipment and best practise for large office of this size.

    Ignoring the security side as far as firewalls etc are concerned for now, my initial thoughts are to have one large Cisco router with seperate VLANS for each company in the building, with either a seperate small router (such as an 1841) or a Cisco switch for each office.

    My three questions are :

    1) Which model of router should the main one be for this size of office - I have looked at the Cisco product advisor it recommends a 2811 router - is this adequate ?

    2) Is the above setup the best way to go about this ? I am sure some of the companies will want qos for video, vpn tunnels, etc. I just want to be sure the design supports all the possibilities.

    3) Is a seperate router necessary for each office or could I just use a small Catalyst switch ?

    Thanks !

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    Re: Network design for a large office -shared router

    I would suggest using a 6500 with a sup 720 at the core of your network. Allow the core switch to route between you vlans. Place edge switches (closest to the user and trunk back to the core.


    you could create the tradition core,distribution, access layer approach

    1. 6509 at the core
    2. 6509 with sup 720 (distribution layer would do the routing between you vlans and trunk back to core)
    3. place edge switches (say 3560s') and connect them to the distribution layer switch.

    These are just quick and dirty solutions. There are many other solutions out there so I am hoping to not start a flame war.