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2811 NAT configuration

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  • 2811 NAT configuration

    I have a 2811 router at Company Z that I want to setup NAT on. The serial interface (12.x.x.x) links to Company A (IP addresses 10.x.x.x) and the ethernet interface ( links to Company Z. The network addresses at Company Z (192.168.x.x).

    I want to setup a NAT so that 8 to 10 hosts at Company Z (192.168.x.x) are NAT'd to the 10.1.1.x/24 IP addresses of the ethernet interface on the router. I want users at Company Y to be able to connect to Company A and be seen as the 10.1.1.x IP address (and not their internal 192.168.x.x IP addresses.

    Users at Company A (10.x.x.x) needs to be able to access these same 8 to 10 hosts (192.168.x.x) via the NAT'd 10.1.1.x IP addresses.

    I need to setup the static NAT's but I don't understand the "inside", "outside" explanation for the NAT configuration.

    The computer I am using right now does not have any drawing tools on it, otherwise I would have made a drawing as it would have been easier to follow.