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BGP IP block requirements

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  • BGP IP block requirements

    The company I work for currently has internet access via bonded T1s and is in the process of upgrading to a fiber connection from another ISP. I'd like to retain the current bonded T1s and implement BGP for redundancy purposes. Both ISPs will exchange BGP routes with me.

    Once I obtain an ASN from Arin, will I also need my own IP block allocated directly from Arin or can I use an IP block from one of the ISPs? I called Arin and they told me the smallest block they'll directly assign is a /22, but I can't justify that much address space (we currently have a /26).

    I spoke with the ISPs, and they've basically told me that they won't advertise routes for IP space belonging to another ISP so I'm not sure what my options are. If I don't qualify for a /22 am I just out of luck or is there another option that I've missed?