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VPN IP Pool renewal problem

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  • VPN IP Pool renewal problem

    Hi folks, first time on the forums so hope I am not asking a previous question(I've done a quick search and didn't find an answer)

    This is probably a simple one but I'm new to the Cisco world and having a bit of trouble with my VPN currently.

    Ok, so I've got a 877W model router which is up and running, Easy VPN Server configured and running fine

    I can connect from remote and get an IP on the VPN pool -
    My pool goes from, so ten possible IP's.
    My problem is each time i connect and disconnect I get a new IP
    So first time was
    2nd time was 2.31
    3rd was 2.32, etc

    Now sometimes there are days between each connect - so my question is - is this normal operation? Shouldn't the IP allocated each time eventually go back into the pool, especially when not used over days?

    Sorry if a stupid question, maybe I am missing a small command, can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Re: VPN IP Pool renewal problem

    It depends on the lease time. What is the lease time for the DHCP pool. The default lease time for a Windows Server 2003 DHCP server is 8 days.


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      Re: VPN IP Pool renewal problem

      Hi joeqwerty

      Sorry, how do I show the lease time?
      Actually I think I'm doing the DHCP thing wrong.
      Currently there is only one DHCP pool configured - the LAN pool
      The VPN Pool is not showing up inside the DHCP area.
      The VPN pool is configured inside the VPN area of the SDM
      When I do sh ip dhcp pool it only reports the LAN IP pool

      cisco877w#sh ip dhcp pool
      Pool sdm-pool1 :
      Utilization mark (high/low) : 100 / 0
      Subnet size (first/next) : 0 / 0
      Total addresses : 254
      Leased addresses : 0
      Pending event : none
      1 subnet is currently in the pool :
      Current index IP address range Leased addresses - 0
      cisco877w#sh ip dhcp pool ?
      WORD Pool name
      | Output modifiers

      The VPN pool when I go into VPN-VPN Components-Easy VPN Server-Group Policies is called SDM_POOL_1 - but doesn't show up in the sh ip dhcp pool command

      Did I do something wrong in the config?



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        Re: VPN IP Pool renewal problem

        Haven't worked this out yet, but I noticed that its not a DHCP Pool that I am using for the VPN pool, its a Local Pool
        In the SDM this is under Configure, Additional Tasks, Local Pools

        Not sure how to use a DHCP Pool during setup of the Easy VPN config, since it only allows me to either create a Local pool, or use an existing Local pool

        Anyone any ideas?