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Routing and nat at same time... possible?

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  • Routing and nat at same time... possible?

    I've got a Cisco 1841 router with a switch module and I'm wondering if it is possible to use this router to do nat for a private IP range, and also to route on a seperate interface the range of public IP's we have. Trying to get my head around it as I have experience with Cisco DSL routers doing NAT, but not an 1841 that needs to NAT and do routing.

    This is what I hope to achieve using example IP's :

    Fa 0/0 - - point to point IP to ISP
    Fa 0/1 - - our range of public IP's (like a dmz area)
    Switch module - - a private range that uses the router to do NAT.

    Is it possible to route in our range and provide NAT to the clients on the switch module?

    If I put something like ip nat outside on the interface would this stop the current routing? What are potential issues with this?