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Problem on cisco switch 2950 - Reload and boot failure

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  • Problem on cisco switch 2950 - Reload and boot failure


    I've got a big problem I can't solve on a cisco switch 2950.

    This morning, I've got to configure an already used switch 2950. There's a password nobody can remember. I try to follow the way I saw on the cisco website on how to erase the password on a switch. But I must have made an error. Here's what I did.

    In user mode ( switch> ), I hold on a few seconds on the mode button. Some led started to blink a few seconds. When the Start led goes green and the Syst led goes on blinking amber, I hold back the mode button. On hyperterminal, there were a few sentences :

    00:10:29: %EXPRESS_SETUP-6-CONFIG_IS_RESET: The configuration is reset and the s
    ystem will now reboot
    00:10:30: %SYS-5-RELOAD: Reload requested

    I waited more than 5 minutes but nothing happened and the switch didn't reload. So I power off the switch and after a few seconds I power it up.

    But the swith didn't react as I wanted. There's no more prompt on Hyper Terminal, there's nothing writing on the screen and the switch didn't react when I stroke the keyboard (space or enter or ctrl+break, ...). The Syst Led blinks amber and the Stat Led is green. When I plug on an ethernet cable from a computer, the led is amber.

    Do you have any idea on way to bring the switch back to life ?

    Best regards

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    Re: Problem on cisco switch 2950 - Reload and boot failure

    Hi MahdiJaK,

    Is this switch under a smartnet contract? The reason for asking is typically when the SYST LED is blinking amber that means that the switch didn't even get past the POST phase of the bootup. This usually means that there is some power issue (i.e. the power supply or the fan to cool the switch is broke). Is this switch using RPS?