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Need help With ASA 5505 ISA 2006 VPN config

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  • Need help With ASA 5505 ISA 2006 VPN config


    This is my first time here. Nice to be here.

    No to my Q or problem.

    Well I have an VPN L2L tunnel up n running between our ASA5505 and the ISA2006. BUt if you look at the file attached you can see that it is a bit complex.

    My first Q is, can it be done? Our goal is to have a Client behind ASA5505 to access a client or server behind a ISA2004 on a SBS2003 that is behind our ISA2006.

    As I sead I get a VPN IPsec up when I for example ping from behind our customers SBS2003 (no answer though in the ping) and the ping is for a client computer behind the ASA5505.

    I am a bit desperate cause I have been working on this problem for 2 weeks and I cant find any more useful on the internet (how horrowfying is that, ).

    Anyone how can help me? Either by telling me that "this solution will not work but do like this" or just give a hint if you will. Please anyone?! If u like I can post the Show running config on the ASA5505.
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