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two VTP server in a VTP Domain ?

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  • two VTP server in a VTP Domain ?

    At work we have 2 core switches that were SUPPOSED to be in an A/A failover setup. However, they never got setup this way and we are about to implement a VTP server/client setup to replace our current (troublesome ) VTP transparent setup. The VLAN configuration needs to be redundant, so I need to know if I can setup both core switches as VTP servers with the same vlan info in the same VTP domain. Is this possible?

    I would think this would cause a problem since VTP broadcasts include a revision number and both switches wouldn't EVER have the same revision number unless they were setup in a true HA configuration. If this is the case, is there a way to make it so that if one core switch goes down, the other one kicks into VTP server mode and keeps the the VTP domain alive?


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    Re: two VTP server in a VTP Domain ?

    NOTE: The following vtp design works for our network topology, but it may not be the correct solution at your end. Do the necesaary research in matching requirements to network design. Especially if your requirements call for continued use of private vlans.

    To answer your question.... We have 3 core 6500's that are configured as vtp servers in the same vtp domain. When we add a new vlan on one of the three vtp servers, the new vlan is replicated to the other two vtp servers along with keeping the revision in-sync. We have not had any vtp related issues in running this type of configuration. NOTE: We also run multiple HSRP groups between the 6500's along with PVST. VoIP traffic takes one path from an access layer switch, while data takes another. So spanning-tree roots for each vlan must match HSRP active for that vlan.