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Have Syslog messages sent to remote Syslog server

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  • Have Syslog messages sent to remote Syslog server

    Hi all,

    I have a Cisco 1721 router running IOS version "c1700-y-mz.123-2.T1.bin".
    I did configure my router to send syslog messages to remote server by issuing the following two commands:
    logging on
    logging host xml

    The current situation is that the router sends out Syslog messages to the Syslog server in XML format as expected, the facility is "SYS", and severity is "5".

    My problem is that the router sends too much information while all I need is one syslog message only:
    Facility "SYS"
    Severity "5"
    Msg-id "CONFIG_I"

    (the router generate the above message when the user exits from global configuration mode - ciscorouter(config)#).

    My questions are:
    Is there a way I can suppress/filter syslog messages from being sent to my server?
    Does the router can be configured to send me only the message id "CONFIG_I"?

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    Re: Have Syslog messages sent to remote Syslog server

    AFAIK, there is no way to do this on the router itself - however most Syslog server software will let you filter what messages are kept and which are deleted.

    If you are using a unix-based server to capture the syslog data you can simply edit the /etc/syslog.conf file to write any messages that match a certain pattern to an indivual file or forward it onto a different syslog server.

    Hope this helps!