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Cisco 1811 Easy VPN Server

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  • Cisco 1811 Easy VPN Server

    Hello All,

    I have configured an Easy VPN Server on my Cisco 1811 Router. I can connect to the VPN but I can't recive information.

    I can't ping my servers from the VPN connection but the only this I can access is my router config trought the SDM.
    I would like the remote computer to be part of the network as if it was inside the building and Also use the internet from the router instaed of it's own.

    Can Anyone help me with this issue ?

    Thank You
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    Re: Cisco 1811 Easy VPN Server

    Are you using a Cisco Client from a PC to connect to the 1811 via VPN?

    Paste a copy of the config for your 1811, it's either something wrong in the ACL's or you are missing a traffic allow statement.