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Setting up a home test center

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  • Setting up a home test center

    I want to build a Cisco test center so I can go for my CCNA. I have 2 routers and 2 switches. I thought about pairing up a router with a switch and placing two computers on each network. Sort of simulating having two networks within a business.

    1 - 2620XM Router
    1 - 2503 Router
    1 - WS-C1924-EN Switch
    1 - WS-C1924C-A Switch

    My question is "How do I hook it all up?" :P

    I know the network cables go from the router to a port on the switch and then you hook the two computers to the switch, but I guess my main question is with the routers. What ports hook up to what? Which ports on the router do you use to connect to the other router? And would you use a cross over cable anywhere?

    I did get a networking degree 3 years ago but honestly, I never got a chance to use any of it and I feel like I know nothing about networking. So I want to build this test center and change that.

    Thanks everyone in advance that can help. I do appreciate it.

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    Re: Setting up a home test center

    Honestly it wouldn't help you to acquire the knowledge you seek if we told you how to hook everything up. Maybe you could try a little searching at Cisco or Google and try it on your own first. Post back here if you get stuck and I'm sure the members will be glad to help. Here's a starting point for you:


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      Re: Setting up a home test center

      Playing around with GNS3 is easier to hookup routers to each other
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