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Deploying Voice Gateway

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  • Deploying Voice Gateway

    Hello everyone,

    My knowledge of VoIP/WAN technologies is relatively low so it's nice that I've gotten the opportunity to deploy a 2811-V but I don't even really know where to start.

    Basicially the situation is, we're migrating to a VoIP solution from PBX (Nortel KSU) but we don't want to do a forklift installation. Therefore, the first step is to configure the 2811 to just sit in between the PSTN and PBX via a two port PRI VWIC card installed in the 2811. In other words, just repeat/replicate the signal through one port and shoot it out the other port.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do this. Any help would be much appreciated, I'm staring at a blank config so I can't give you much in that regard but I've attached a simple graphic to show you what I mean if my explanation wasn't very good.

    So yeah...any advice would be great, even if it's just a link to a related CCO article.

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    Re: Deploying Voice Gateway


    Do you still need help with this? I am a CCVP and have done a bunch of VoIP migrations and installations using the Cisco ISR series routers. I am assuming you are going to be using Call Manager Express on the router, correct?



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      Re: Deploying Voice Gateway

      Ah yes, thanks for the reply Philsky!

      I am indeed still in need of help. This project is still sitting on the backburner waiting to be looked at...

      You'll have to excuse me if my terminology is incorrect in explaining this but the intention is to use this 2811 as a voice gateway that will eventually do the analog to digital translation for the voice whilst utilizing Microsoft OCS for call handling.

      Something very similar to what is explained in this Cisco white paper:

      Except that we don't want to do an immediate change over. Maybe a few lines at a time or something...

      Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.


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        Re: Deploying Voice Gateway

        Fizzyboy, PM me if you still need help. It will trigger my email as I don't check this site every day or every week for that matter. I try to get on once or twice a month if I can as I am very busy at work. Let me know.



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          Re: Deploying Voice Gateway

          That isn't the forum spirit we would like to see.
          It's better to post in the forum so other members might have some benefits from it either.
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            Re: Deploying Voice Gateway

            Sorry bout that, figured this topic could get a little lengthy that's all and I check my email every day. If he still needs help I am more than happy.