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  • configuring vlans

    Hi friends,

    Is it possible to configure two different ip address say and for VLAN1 and VLAN2 respectively on single port 0/1 of a cisco switch 3560G.? Please provide commands to perform it.

    Please advice, (it is very urgent)

    Your any advice would be much appreciated


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    Re: configuring vlans

    What do you hope to accomplish by doing this?
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      Re: configuring vlans

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      Thanks for replies..

      To be more specific...

      In our environment, we were using D-Link DES-3326sr switch before. We are replacing that switch with cisco 2960G switch. I am advice to configure ports 9 to 16 for VLAN 1 and from port 17 to 24 as VLAN 2. VLAN 1 will be connecting site A (primary site) and VLAN2 will be connecting site B (secondary site). Port 1 needs to be configured as tag for uplink to router. site1 and site2 have different subnet ranges ..(siteA and site B As each site has a different subnet range, the gateway address on port 1 of the switch has been configuerd to have the Primary site's subnet "untagged" and the secondary site's subnet "tagged". My understanding, port 1 will be trunk port.

      I thought might be for two vlans we can give two different ip address to port 1 for vlan 1 and vlan 2. I need to configure this switch please advice...

      thanks & regards


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        Re: configuring vlans

        trunk is a layer 2 concept and you cant set ip address on it. if you want sites see each other via a 3560 layer 3 switch,you must connect 2960 and 3560 with a trunk link and then define two vlan (1 , 2) on 3560 vith gateway ip address least you must run ip routing command on 3560 switch.
        if you have any question plz describe your topology more clearly.


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          Re: configuring vlans

          That's the idea of VLAN, VLAN = subnet

          you don't need to configure ip address on trunk port, only define it as trunk. The trunk will carry all vlan out from the switch tagged

          you can assign ip address on switch only for the interface vlan, not to the port itself.

          you can use router on a stick without any layer 3 switches. the trunk port on the router will have two sub interfaces each with its own ip address. this ip will be the gateway address for your clients at the respective vlan.