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Cisco port forwarding from LAN

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  • Cisco port forwarding from LAN

    Hi everyone.
    I am starting to use Cisco routers, and I am not very familiar with them yet.
    I used to use cheap linksys routers, but they are not reliable enough. Now I am using a Cisco 851.
    I need to forward some ports to certain IPs on the LAN. I did it, but I have a little problem:

    If I connect from outside the company (that is, from the WAN), the port forwarding works fine.
    However, if I connect from the LAN (that is, from inside the company's network), the port forwarding doesn't work.

    To put it in a clear example, I want to forward port 80 to
    If from outside I go to (WAN IP):80, it works fine.
    However, if I try to go to the same address from inside the company, it doesn't work.

    That used to work fine with cheap Linksys or similar routers... isn't it possible with Cisco?