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Office VLAN Segmenting Needed Asap

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  • Office VLAN Segmenting Needed Asap

    Hi guys, we have subnet with about 250 hosts that needs to be (in my view) segmented fast before the broadcast traffic starts to slow things down too badly.i believe that VLANs is the best way for me to go(could be wrong).We have Cisco router that routes across other branch office networks, a DHCP server thats approaching it's limit(i intend to expand the range and tweak the mask to resolve this temporarily), a number of DC's and member servers, a number of Dell 5200 switches with IOS-like commands capable.Can anyone give as detailed enough as possible a VLAN-based plan for me to proceed?I would really appreciate.

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    Re: Office VLAN Segmenting Needed Asap

    Instead of assuming that the broadcast traffic is or will be at some critical mass, why not run a packet sniffer and find out exactly what the volume of broadcast traffic really is?

    I'm sure many people on this forum could explain to you how to set up VLAN's, but it's my opinion that any technical endeavor should be justified. Here are the axioms that I live by:

    1. Just because you can do it doesn't mean that you should.
    2. Keep it Simple