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cisco shaping help!!

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  • cisco shaping help!!


    i have a certain prob that i wish someone could guide me through it if possible.

    i have a 1.5 Mb given by my ISP (dedicated) and 2.2 Mb (shared) by another ISP.
    now on the LAN interface, i configured shaping on users by using extended access lists.
    at the same time i have 3 VONAGE lines on my lan network, using public IPS.

    given such topology, i did shaping to allow 1.2 Mb for the public ip assigned to my lan interface for normal internet usage and left the remaining 300 for the phones to use. i didnt have a prob with that, since the 3 public ips arent shaped as theyre public and has nothing to do with the "4th public ip" that i have assigned to my lan interface.

    now my problem is as follows:

    i want to switch my vonage lines from public ips, to private ips.
    the reason for such a thing, is that i want the vonage lines to benefit from the bandwidth from both ISPs instead of just one (the one that they currently have its public IPs assigned to)

    so am currently at a loss of how to do that.
    since i already gave my lan interface(1 public ip assigned to it) 1.2Mb.
    so how am i going to manage NOT to shape these 3 private IPs since they're already globally shaped by the lan interface.

    any help would be appreciated