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Configuring Qos Between two hosts.

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  • Configuring Qos Between two hosts.


    I'm trying to set-up a simple qos configuration ( Cisco newbie here ), between two remote voip pbx servers.

    Since those 2 pbx's are using proprietary protocols, i think it easier to setup a qos priority between the traffic generated from those 2 pbx's.

    These 2 pbx are located in remote branch offices ( both offices uses Cisco routers: a 827 and 1841 ).

    It would be ok, that all the traffic between those two pbx have precedence over the rest, and it uses a fixed bandwidth allocation.

    Office A:
    Pbx: 192.168.X.22

    Office B:
    Pbx: 192.168.Y.22

    This is the conf. for the qos of the Office A ( i hope this is correct )

    System image file is "flash:c820-sy6-mz.124-21.bin"
    class-map match-all to_pbx_remote
    match access-group 105
    policy-map voice
    class to_pbx_remote
    priority 256
    access-list 105 permit ip host 192.168.X.22 host 192.168.Y.22

    Now, i cant assign the policy to the pvc of my atm 0 interface, when i type:

    service-output policy voice

    no errors\warning are displayed, but it doesnt appear in my configuration.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.


    P.S. i've following the cisco tech and others site hints, but i cannot get it working.