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Router 2621 Comes up with Garbage Character

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  • Router 2621 Comes up with Garbage Character

    Hi guys

    I am using two routers one is 2620 and 2621. My 2620 routers works perfectly with my Hyper Terminal. But when i start my 2621 router after sometimes it comes up with some Garbage Character. Sometimes its boot up perfectly and then shows me garbage character and sometimes its starts from beginning boot process... i really need help for this things.....

    My Hyper Terminal's configuration is :

    Speed 9600 bits per second

    8 databits

    0 parity bits

    1 stop bit

    No Flow Control

    My 2621 router info:

    ISO 11.03
    cong-reg is 0x2102

    if you have any idea please please explain as i am very stuck with this issue at the moment.....


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    Re: Router 2621 Comes up with Garbage Character

    Assuming it isn't actually faulty I would give putty a go. It is free for commercial use and the latest version can connect using serial. I found HyperTerminal unreliable at the best of times especially the default version that came with Windows. The purchaseable upgrade from Hillgreave (sp?) was slightly better.
    There doesn't appear to be any advertising on the site but I have broken the URL just in case.

    http:// www.

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      Re: Router 2621 Comes up with Garbage Character

      i have had and heard of other cases where for whatever reason the console port will start throwing junk if use the standard 9600 speed. Try bumping the speed up to 115,200. I know its wierd but I have had that fix an issue I had with a borked 2500 and 1700.