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Cisco VPN without 2 dsl's

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  • Cisco VPN without 2 dsl's


    Wanted to test out some config's with 2 857's but don't have 2 dsl's. Can I do this between the 2 Vlan address i.e crossover cable between 2 857's and then add the crypto map to the vlan address.

    Any ideas apperciated.



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    Re: Cisco VPN without 2 dsl's

    With all the different flavors of Cisco IOS, you never know until you try. FWIW: I was able to attach a crypto map to vlan 1 on a 871 cisco router. The 871 appears to be indentical to the 857 (four switchports), it just has an extra ethernet port for the WAN connection instead of a DSL port.

    I know next to nothing about DSL techology, but I did search Cisco's website to see if there was an article on back-to-back DSL config examples. I do the back-to-back config all the time in a lab environment, but using frame-relay via serial ports. The only search result that came close was using SHDSL technology, so I doubt this article applies to the 857. Might be worth a try though.

    Checkout: This link

    Good luck!