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Cisco SCE and Supervisor32 PISA

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  • Cisco SCE and Supervisor32 PISA


    We are a company doing protocols/datas analysis. We would be interested in Cisco SCE or Cisco Sup32 PISA.
    Typically, we have a customer network. Around 60% of the traffic is p2p. We use a span port of all this corporate traffic to analyse these protocols/datas. The problem is the bandwidth is too large for us and we have decided with the customer to find a solution to detect any p2p traffic and drop it.
    SCE and PISA are the Cisco solutions answering to our questions, and my question is:
    Are SCE and/or PISA inputs able to get a span port as input without problem or are there restrictions/advices?

    Thanks for your answers

    Christophe DUPUIS