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  • Cisco Console Cable 2524


    I have recently acquired a number of Cisco 2524 routers but unfortunately without any of the cables. At first I gave a spare RJ-45 to DB9 cable a shot, but I suppose it came from some other vendor and ultimately proved useless. From this point I decided to try my hand at making my own console cable, which has not gotten me very far. I scrounged up an old serial cable and cannibalized it, traced the leads with my multimeter and punched them down into a spare RJ-45 wall mount connector. From Cisco's site I used the following pin out diagram ( ) :

    RJ-45 <-> DB9
    1 <-> 8
    2 <-> 6
    3 <-> 2
    4 <-> 5
    5 <-> 5
    6 <-> 3
    7 <-> 4
    8 <-> 7

    Logically I cut out the middle man (as in the roll-over part) since mine stands as straight through. So at this point I fired up minicom, set it to /dev/ttyS0 9600 8N1, cleared the init string and booted the router up. After the router goes through its boot-up process I find myself unable to send any commands. It sits there but refuses to take my enter to drop me into the actual console. Hyperterminal produces identical results, I can not send anything in either case. Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause of this issue?

    I greatly appreciate any input in advance,
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    Re: Cisco Console Cable 2524

    Ah ha, the two leads for transmitting did not make a full connection (go figure). Problem resolved.