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VLAN in Layer 2 Switch

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  • VLAN in Layer 2 Switch


    My Scenario

    We have 2 AD in diffrent subnet(AD1=A AD2=Z), AD=A AD has DHCP and client are geting IP from it.

    and for AD=Z we are manually configuring IP.

    I have identified all the client for AD=A and AD=Z, I want to configure vlan on Switch=2950(my existing 24 switch)

    Vlan A for AD=A
    Vlan B for AD=Z

    so whoever is a member of of AD A will get connectivity from AD=A and the same for AD=Z.

    the problm is or rather how I can achieve it.

    I have around 7 switch and all are 2950, how I can configure the trunk port(port which will carry the VLAN ID),

    and in all switch i have to do the configuration for vlan, what will be the steps which I have to follow to achieve the requirement.

    Appreciate your support/comments


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    Re: VLAN in Layer 2 Switch


    it seems that no one understood my question......

    I want to configure simple VLAN on switch 2950 for and



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      Re: VLAN in Layer 2 Switch

      A bit more patience would be welcome
      Remember that the most of us over here has some full time jobs

      Have a read on this:
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        Re: VLAN in Layer 2 Switch

        I'm guessing there's probably a reason for creating the two VLANs that more information from you would help us understand but since you have 7 switches why not use 3 of them for one subnet and 4 for the other? (or split them up however you need)

        Information that would justify the VLANs would be something like "all switches are in 7 different locations" etc.

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          Re: VLAN in Layer 2 Switch


          7 Switched are spreaded in such a way that we can physically seprate the network and the available option is nothing but VLAN..

          in 2 domain we have instrument connectde to machine and need to create VLAN.